Power Flushing Service in Windsor

Exceptional power flushing service in and around Windsor

If your radiator is running cold, your boiler keeps cutting out or you think you may have blockages in you system, then our power flushing service is what you need.

One of our engineers will come round and inspect your heating system to establish the cause of the problem. With the latest power flushing technology, all debris and blockages can be flushed through leaving your system clean and efficient.

Our power flushing service includes:

  • Central heating performance inspections
  • Unblocking heating systems
  • System modifications and upgrades if required
  • Flush out sludge and lime scale from your system
  • Protect your system from rust by adding corrosion inhibitors
  • Balance your system to optimise your boiler and radiators performance
  • help
  • Up-to-date power flushing equipment used
  • Clearing blocked pipes
  • Eliminating irritating boiler noises

Why you should choose our power flushing service?

  • Working hot radiators and reliable hot water
  • Rust protected central heating
  • Efficient central heating
  • Lower fuel bills
  • Peace of mind